Do you really make wine from grapes?

Of course. We import only the best fresh or frozen grapes from vineyards in North America and around the world.

What do I have to do?

Your involvement in the winemaking process is your own prerogative. After the initial consultation to choose your grapes, wine-style and quantities, come back at any time during the process to take part in crushing, fermentation, packaging and, of course, tasting your wine. For a more detailed look at the process check out Winemaking.

How much wine do I have to order?

The minimum order for wines made from juices is 20 liters. For wines made from grapes the minimum is 60 liters and for oak aging the minimum is 108 or 225 liters.

How long does the process take?

The time between your initial consultation and order-placing to the day you take your wine home may vary. It can range from two months for wines made from juices to two years for full body oak aged red wines from crushing to bottling.

Do I need to make reservations?

No, just drop right in and get the process started. The sooner you do, the closer you are to bringing home your very own quality wine.

Where do you get your grapes from?

We order our grapes from world-renowned vineyards across the globe, including Chile, Argentina, California, Italy and beyond.

How do we receive grapes from other countries?

Grapes are harvested when they are fully mature, de-stemmed and immediately frozen for preservation, then transported to Canada in reefer containers. These grapes are available all year around while quantities last. We also process fresh whole grapes from California, Mexico and Ontario available only in September and October.

How much sulfur do you add to the wines?

We use about 1/3 of the sulfur used in commercial wines. Sulfur is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process and acts as a preservative, but increased amounts of sulfur can irritate some sensitive palates.

Can I share my wine with others?

If these quantities are too much for you, bring some friends and make wine together. Our Group Winemaking is a great way to share the fun with friends, family or colleagues.

How much is it going to cost me?

We have wines for every budget, from $80.00 to $400.00 per batch of 20 liters. Please contact your nearest Vin de Garage for detailed pricing.

Can I sell my wine?

No, wines made in our stores cannot be sold to others. They are only for personal or family use.

What does terroir mean?

A terroir is a group of vineyards (or even vines) from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and winemaking savoir-faire, which contribute to a wine’s specific personality. Grape quality is not only affected by variety, but also by weather during the growing season, soil, time of harvest, and the way grape is pruned. The combination of these factors is often referred to as a grape’s terroir.

Terroir = Region + Appellation + Grapes + Winemaking.

What is the difference between red and white wine?

The differences between red and white go far beyond colour. When grapes are used to make red wine, a must (pulp) of red or black grapes undergoes fermentation with their skins. White wine is made by fermenting the juice pressed from white grapes or the must extracted from red grapes that have had minimal contact with the grape skins. Rosé wines are made from red grapes where the juice is allowed to stay in contact with the dark skins long enough to pick up a pinkish color, but little of the tannins contained in the skins.


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