In the tradition of great winemaking,
our business is a family affair.
The De Miguel family, originally from
Argentina, has been dedicated to the art and
science of winemaking for over 30 years.


Since the first grapes were crushed at
Vin de Garage in 1997, the De Miguel family

 has developed and preserved a unique blend
of French and Argentinean winemaking in
the heart of southern Ontario and beyond.

At the heart of Vin de Garage is a love of wine. We are family of winemakers from Argentina with generations of expertise offering a truly unique winemaking experience. We embrace the art and science of winemaking and invite you to learn about the winemaking process, the land and the grape behind every glass.
Come and make wine with our experienced winemakers. Be part of our winemaking family. With specially selected whole grapes and fresh juices directly imported from world-renowned vineyards in California, Chile, Argentina, Italy and beyond, we provide you with the tools to design your own “vin de garage” We take wine beyond your imagination.



De Miguel

Co-founder | Chief Winemaker

Alejandro is co-founder at Vin de Garage and our lead oenologist. Following his dream of joining the exclusive group of fine winemakers in his native Argentina,he studied oenology, the art and science of making wine and graduated with honours in 1975. From apprentice to outstanding vintner, Alejandro led Trapiche Winery, one of Argentina’s most celebrated wineries, to several major international awards. In 1990 he came to Canada with his wife Mabel and three children, Jeronimo, Jimena and Alejandra. After seven years of contributing to the success of the prestigious Magnotta Winery, in 1997 he and his wife Mabel co-founded Portofino Juice & Vin de Garage.


De Agostini

Partner  | Winemaker

Gustavo was born in Uruguay and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1995. Before leaving his homeland he spent several years working in Dragone Winery where he discovered his passion for wine. It is no surprised that his curiosity for the world of wine led him to a winery on his arrival to Canada where he met Alejandro.
He has completed two years of formal winemaking education at UC Davis, California but his most valuable learning has come from hands on experiences in different wineries. Over the years, Gustavo has grown as a passionate vintner alongside the De Miguel family and has recently become an “official partner” of Vin de Garage. 





The term Vin de Garage originated in France in the mid-1980s when a winemaking revolution swept the region. It all started with a group of rebel winemakers, or garagistes, who began producing their wines outside of the typical cellar and most often, in actual garages. 

With a style emphasized by extreme fruit, serious oak and major concentration, these “vins de garage” have become a hot commodity because of their limited quantity but exceptionally high quality. This exact philosophy is what inspires every bottle of wine we produce at our urban winery. Our unique winemaking experience combines the passion and spontaneity of the garagistes with unparalleled access to premium grapes from some of the world’s best vineyards. 

We offer you the opportunity to exploit the vast wine knowledge of our in-house oenologists while using the finest products and state-of-the-art equipment to create your own wines at a very affordable price point.


At Vin de Garage you can share the fruits of your labour in a wine collaboration with friends, family or colleagues. If you’re unsure about committing to the minimum order on your own, or if you want to order a variety of wines, group winemaking is a great option for you. Your group can book a visit with one of the winemakers at Vin de Garage, and be led through the initial steps to begin your winemaking process. 

From grape selection through to bottling, you can engage as much or as little as you desire in the process of winemaking. Within a few short weeks, your handcrafted wines will be ready for barrel aging or available for bottling.


Are you looking to stock your cellar with a selection of barrel-aged, commercial quality wines for a fraction of the cost? Join our Barrel Futures Program with friends, family, colleagues or other wine enthusiasts and stock up! 

Our winemakers designed the Barrel Futures Program in order to offer clients access to a variety of high quality, oak aged red wines. This program allows our winemakers to produce bulk batches of highly crafted specialty vintages using high end grapes and old-world vinification traditions – techniques too difficult to employ in smaller batches. 

When you sign up, you will participate in the production of twelve different premium wines. You will bring home a case of wine every month – a perfect opportunity to try new wines that you normally wouldn’t, without the risk and high cost of committing to an entire barrel.

Weddings & Corporate Gifting

Make your wedding day a more personal affair with a private label wine to share with your guests. Whether you are serving it at your reception, using it as a bespoke gift for your guests, or serving it at showers or rehearsal dinners, a private label wine will add a personalized touch and help you save on your wine costs so you and your guests can keep the wine flowing! 

There are a number of occasions to bring our private label wines into the corporate world. Whether you’re looking for a unique corporate holiday gift for your clients and colleagues, adding it as an added touch for a customized gift basket, or having it as a way to reward a job well done branding your business through our wines is a unique way to stand out.


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