Back to the Land

You may have noticed the obvious change in weather and the shifting color palate on those trees from bright green to yellows, orange and red. Cooler nights and crisp fresh air, all signs that fall is in the air and of course our harvest season. As we acknowledge the change in season and the upcoming harvest we focus on the importance to return to the Land. This may translate in different ways for everyone, but a re-connection of some sort with the source of our meals and wine is sure to bring lasting benefits. 
Vin de Garage offers you the opportunity to get involved in the winemaking process every step of the way. We may not take you out into the vineyards to harvest your grapes but you can certainly get your hands dirty as you watch your grapes transform into wine. Get in touch with us to see what’s on special throughout the harvest season. It’s also a great time to start thinking about our Apple Cider – harvested in October and providing a beautiful blend of Ontario Apples. 
If you’re finding it difficult to find the time to come out and see us for your order, give us a call 416-740-4411 and get details on using a representative. You can still enjoy your wine, the competitive pricing and the wide selection without having to come in yourself!
The harvest is always an exciting time for us at the store, come and visit us!