La Vie en Rosé

The characteristics of primary fruit flavours combined with purity and balance makes our Sparkling Sidra perfect to drink as an aperitif or with various culinary options. A great way to greet your guests at any holiday cocktail party alongside simple hors d’oeuvres, holiday sweets, or to finish a dinner party with an apple tart or crepe with caramelized fruits.

Rich cheeses love any carbonation present in cider – it helps cut through the creaminess of the cheese and refresh your palate for the next bite. The cider’s acidity can also help elevate the nuanced and complex flavours in cheese. A blue cheese, camembert or an aged sheep’s milk are all great choices. Then again, cider and cheese are such a great couple that grabbing your favourite slice and a glass of Sparkling Sidra is sure to leave you smiling!

Best part of it all? Our Sparkling Sidra is on special through December for only $5.75/bottle with a minimum order of 6. Remember you need to order ahead! Come by for a visit or call us at 416-740-4411 for more details and make sure to order before December 10th!

This holiday season, whether it’s dinner, cocktails or brunch share something unique, refreshing and local with your friends and family.