Higher Education

If you’ve been by the store lately you may have noticed an increasingly passionate young man who takes care of all your wine needs. Harry Miranda, has been with us for 12 years providing personalized customer service and is now an integral part of the VDG family. His curiosity for wine has grown over the years taking him to a higher education and a more refined palate. Here’s what he had to say…
My aim is to finish and obtain the “Wine Specialist Certificate”, and thus far I’ve complete 4 of 8 courses so I’m half way there! I’ve done the basics of wine as well as a course in grape comparison and sensory evaluation. While my palate has been trained over the years by the master Alejandro De Miguel and Winemaker Gustavo De Agostini these courses have given me a deeper appreciation for wines from all over the world.
I truly enjoy the classes since it has provided me with in-depth knowledge about the culture of wine, , the global laws that govern the wine industry, and the regional difference and varietal of grapes. It’s also been great to look at the theoretical part of winemaking  – since up until now my experience has been practical.
I do consider myself very fortunate to be in the business of wine. I get to learn from and work beside professional people who love what they do and are true artists of their craft. Now I can understand how people from all walks of life fall in love with wine -how it cultivates many family traditions, important events, and is a part of daily meals.
I have deep regards and gratitude for the De Miguel family for past and future opportunities and for showing me how wine can be a lifestyle and a part of the every day.