Temptations from Aconcagua

While our usual suspects from South America remain the same,  let’s turn our attention to Chile, and specifically the Aconcagua Valley where we selected some fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Merlot. Why Aconocagua you may be asking?

For a long time, it was believed that this hot, dry valley was not suitable for growing grapes until the Chilean wine pioneer Don Errazuriz planted his first vines here. While he was ridiculed at first, in a blind tasting in 2004 one of his wines “Seña” gained international acclaim placing ahead of both Château Lafite and Château Margaux.
The valley takes its name from the river flowing through it, which in turn is named after Mt. Aconcagua at 6962mtrs in altitude. This Andean giant, whose name means ‘stone sentinel’, is the highest mountain in the Americas and directly impacts the terroir and climate found in the valley below.
As the warm, dry land of the region heats up during the afternoon, the hot air in the east rises rapidly upwards, sucking in cooler air from the Pacific Ocean to the west. This process is reversed as the land cools down in the evening. These daily breezes moderate the otherwise high temperatures found in the valley and reduce the risk of vine disease.
Between this unique climate, distinctive terroir, the enormous mountain and the river flowing through it we could not resist our temptations,  and we are sure with prices starting at $5.45/litre you won’t be able to resist either! Contact us to place your order today!