Life Beyond Malbec

Don’t panic! Of course we’ve got some Malbec in stock for you, who can deny it’s our staple and from the demand, yours as well! There is no need for “either – or” when you can make a bit of room in your cellar and get acquainted with other great varietals grown in Argentina.

While we have always offered Cabernet Sauvignon form Chile, this year we’ve also added one from Mendoza, Argentina. It matures a little later than Malbec, and due to its thicker skin you can produce wines with deep colours, strong flavours and with lots of ageing potential. Why choose between one or the other when we’ve got prices that will allow you to stock up on both!

In addition to these two giant reds from Argentina, we’ve replenished our stock of Torrontés for those hot summer days. The great thing about Torrontés is that it is easily paired with international cuisine -Thai, Asian, Indian, you name it! Its floral accents, balanced acidity and abundant bouquet also make it a great wine to enjoy on its own.

Placing your order at VDG is easy and fun! Avoid weekly stops at your liquor store and stock up with one stop – you’ll be saving time and money all through the summer! All of these available for $109/20 ltrs. (26 bottles) that’s under $4.50 a bottle!!! What are you waiting for? Place your order today!