Sparkling Apple Cider

Sparkling apple cider, also known as Sidra, is very popular in Argentina during the holiday season. Our Sparkling Sidra is artisanally produced from Ontario apples using the traditional Normandy method with a splash of Argentine influence in its characteristics.

On the nose our Sparkling Sidra displays fresh upfront cider apples, apple skin, and a hint of honey. The simplicity of this nose is rich and powerful. Hints of very ripe cider apples provide a beautiful depth of flavour and finesse. Soft and delicate tannins add texture, and towards the back palate a distinct minerality coats the sides of the mouth. The soft carbonation adds another dimension of excitement and the natural sweetness is perfectly balanced with notable tartness from acid apples used in the blend.

On special now through the holiday season for $4.75/bottle with a minimum order of a case of 6!