Malbec Rosé

While we always encourage you to have a full body red aging in your cellar, as a farewell to summer we are putting our Malbec Rosé on special. Take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and enjoy our dry rosé as you watch the leaves change color and the patterns of the sun slowly shift.

Our rosé is made with 100% Malbec grapes from Tulum Valley in San Juan, Argentina. We allow for only a subtle contact with the skins in order to achieve the delicate hue of rosé so pleasing to the eye. On the nose you will be met with strawberries and cherries, while on the palate you will not only re discover the sweet berry flavours but also find a hint of spice and soft tannins allowing for a lingering finish. Enjoy it through the month of October for $109 /20 ltrs. Order today!